Group 'A' Officers of Customs Commissionerate, Ludhiana

Name of the Officer (S./Sh./Ms.) Designation (Emp. Code) Contact Charge Held
Parul Garg Joint Commissioner (3584) 0161-2847370 0161-2845360 (Fax) parul[dot]garg[at]gov[dot]in Hqrs. SIIB, LRM, Anti-Smuggling, EPCG Cell. P&V and Administration, Adjudication, EDI & Systems, RTI, System Manager. Review, Law & Prosecution, Legal Cell Chandigarh,Bond & Licensing, Appraisement (Export/Import). Overall supervision and adjudication of ICD-B2B, ICD-Pristine-Chawapayal, CFS-KCM, ICD-Baddi, CFS-Dappar, ICD-Adani-Kila Raipur, CHIAL, LCS-Shipki La, CPS-Kullu, Foreign Post Office, EPC Circles Ludhiana/Chandigarh.
Neeraj Soi Joint Commissioner (3885) 0161-5194415 neeraj[dot]soi1983[at]gov[dot]in Hqrs. Technical, S&I, Audit, PCA Cell, Centralized Drawback Cell/BRC, Centralized Refund Cell, TRC, Disposal,Reconciliation, Finalization of Provisional Assessment. Overall supervision and adjudication of ICD-GRFL, ICD-CONCOR, ICD-PSWC, CFS-OWPL, ICD-Jalandhar, ICD-Bhatinda, CFS-GIPL
Parampreet Rai Deputy Commissioner (7040) 0161-5194414 0161-2847470 dr[dot]parampreet[dot]rai[at]gov[dot]in ICD-GRFL Sheds(Import & Export). RTI, Adjudication, PCA Cell, EDI & Systems, Disposal, TRC, FPO, Reconciliation at Hqrs. Ludhiana. Finalization of Provisional Assessments Ludhiana. Import Appraisement of Group IV, V, VI Ludhiana,
Aman Mittal Deputy Commissioner (6942) 0161-2673334 (T/F) 0161-2665161 (T) 0161-2670815(T) aman[dot]mittal90[at]gov[dot]in Hqrs. Technical, S&I, Audit. ICD CONCOR Sheds (Import & Export), ICD-Adani Logistics Ltd.(Kila Raipur), ICD-Jalandhar (Import & Export), CFS-KCM Sheds (Import & Export ), CFS-PSWC Sheds (Import & Export), ICD-Bhatinda (Import & Export), CFS-GIPL, MandiGobindgarh. Export Appraisement Ludhiana (All ICD & CFS), EPC Ludhiana.
Akshat Jain Deputy Commissioner (8226) 0161-5194418 0161-2844352 akshat[dot]jain[at]gov[dot]in P&V, Administration, Law & Prosecution, Review, Alternate System Manager. ICD Adani Logistics-Kanech Sheds (Import & Export). ICD-Chawapail (Pristine) Sheds (Import & Export). LCS Shipki-La, CPS-Kullu.
Shiv Rattan Assistant Commissioner (8651) 01795-247104(T) 0172-2242055 shiv[dot]rattan@icegate[dot]gov[dot]in ICD- Baddi Sheds, CFS Dappar, Customs Legal Cell Chandigarh. Chandigarh International Airport & AIU, EPC Chandigarh.
Rakesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Commissioner (5825) 0161-2670631 (T) rksharma1960[at]hotmail[dot]com CFS-OWPL Sheds (Import & Export). Import Appraisement of Group I, II, III, Ludhiana. Centralized Drawback/BRC, Ludhiana, Centralized Refund Cell, Ludhiana, Bond cum Licensing Cell, HQ SIIB, LRM, Anti-Smuggling Unit, EPCG Cell.
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